My Keys

Email Encryption Key

The following is my GPG key for email communication

pub   rsa4096/0xCE0EAD7F07180C35 2017-08-06 [SCE] [expires 2019-08-06]
      Key fingerprint = 6C84 7129 A72F 6144 E629  9C92 CE0E AD7F 0718 0C35
uid                   [ultimate] Alexandre Pujol (Email) <>
uid                   [ultimate] Alexandre Pujol (Email) <>

Code Signing Key

The following key is used to sign commits, tags and releases

pub   rsa4096/0xC5469996F0DF68EC 2017-01-09 [SC]
      Key fingerprint = 06A2 6D53 1D56 C42D 6680  5049 C546 9996 F0DF 68EC
uid                   [ultimate] Alexandre Pujol (Git) <>


The following key is used for Tox instant messaging application. My toxme id is and the following is my public key:


This page is generated using the data at: It has been signed with my GPG private key and may be verified using the public key. If you have trust in that key, you can verify that this page has not been tampered by downloading the file: and running the command: gpg --verify keys.yml.asc